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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Curriculum and Instruction

“Curriculum Mapping Using the Survey of Enacted Curriculum”

Curriculum alignment is one of the major keys to school improvement.  While many districts have done traditional curriculum mapping, the Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) offers greater depth and breath.  The SEC provides graphic detail showing the relationship between the implemented curriculum (what is taught) and the intended curriculum (Illinois Learning Standards and/or College Readiness Standards).  The SEC shows whether there is alignment between these two curricula, the degree that a like skills and concepts are emphasized, and the alignment between the cognitive demand (lower or higher order thinking skills).  Overall the SEC gives schools and district an extremely rich information package that can bring about closer and better alignment of local, state, or national curricula. 

Our consultants can work with school or district personnel to facilitate the preparation, administration, and interpretation of SEC data in ways that provide meaningful information to teachers and administrations so that student learning may reach greater levels of achievement. 

For more information contact Jim Harvey at (815) 744-8334

“Snapshots of Implementation through Classroom Walkthrough”

Now that the program has been purchased, the teachers trained, and materials distributed what next?  The consultants at the Professional Development Alliance can customize a classroom walkthrough program to collect observational data deemed to be the essential elements of implementing a new program, text series, or teaching strategies with fidelity. This program meets the specific needs of each school or district. Complete customization and on-target data collection and evaluation are our goals. 

This program is school district specific and requires the collaboration of school and district personnel working the PDA consultants to develop a detailed action plan before classroom walkthrough begin. As a result of this absolute customization to meet the needs of each school and district, no one format will fit. Each plan will be different and the needs of the school and district are paramount.

For more information contact us at (815) 744-8334