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Friday, December 02, 2016

Online Masters in Technology

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M.S.Ed. in Instructional Technology


Technology Specialist Online Cohort Joliet PDA ~ 2013


Earn your M.S.Ed. in Instructional Technology (IT) while you acquire Type 10 (K-12) Certification as a Technology Specialist. The M.S.Ed. in IT is a 39 hour cohort that includes coursework necessary for state certification as a Technology Specialist. Non-teachers may earn teacher certification by fulfilling additional requirements. Cohorts meet primarily online with opportunities for synchronous online meetings and a limited number of face to face meetings.


Example of Accelerated Online Cohort Program of Courses*


ETT 501 Pro-seminar in Instruction Technology


ETT 510 Instructional Media and Technology


ETT 511 Advanced Media Design


ETT 530 Instructional Technology Tools Workshop


ETT 535 Distance Education Design and Delivery


ETT 536 Web-based Learning


ETT 553 Professional Standards in Instructional Technology


ETT 569 Internship


ETT 570 Instructional Technology Administration


ETT 571 Instructional Technology Promotion and Development


ETT 573 Instructional Technology Facilities


ETT 592 Special Topics in Instructional Technology


ETR 531 Program Evaluation







ADJ_2colorLogo250.jpgThis program is offered through Concordia University.

Earn a Master of Arts in Educational Technology that will assist teachers in the use of technology to improve student learning and in meeting the National Educational Standards and Performance indicators set forth by the International Society for Tecnology in Education. This program consists of 33 graduate -credit hours cullminating with eligibility to take the Type 10  certificate or Tech Specialist endorsement exam.

The delivery method is Hybrid (blended). The following is a listing of the required course work:

EDU 6500 Curriculum Construction Curriculum

EDT 6010 Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum

FPR 6010 Theoretical, Ethical, and Practical Foundations of Educational Technology

EDT 6020 Critical Education Practice and the Internet

EDT 6030 Using Technology to Build Learning Communities

EDT 6040 Visual Literacy in the Classroom

EDT 6050 Technology for Effective Decision Making in Teaching & Learning

EDT 6060 Trends and Future of Technology in Education

EDU 6545 Action Research for Practioners

EDU 6070 Educational Technology Leadership

EDU 6080 Applied Project in Educational Technology

CSE 6120 Technology, Society and Education

EDT 6205 Educational Technology Hardware and Software Planning



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