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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Science Foundational Services will provide district level staff with information and tools as they work to develop, improve and align their science curriculum and increase their knowledge of the new Illinois Learning Standards for Science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


NGSS Science Overview Training immerses participants in a sample NGSS lesson and integrates that experience into the training sessions.


The Tools Needed to Bring NGSS to the Classroom focuses on bringing three-dimensional learning to the classroom.  In order to do this, participants will utilize a NGSS lesson to examine the key shifts in NGSS three-dimensional learning. 

NGSS in Action  (2 hours)

  • Participants are able to “see” and take part in an NGSS aligned lesson in order to compare this to a traditional science classroom.

The Three Dimensions of NGSS  (1.5 hours)

  • Participants analyze the lesson in order to identify how NGSS aligned instruction supports students as they engage in the science and engineering practices, utilize the crosscutting concepts when observing and investigating phenomenon, and discover the science detailed in the disciplinary core ideas.

NGSS Performance Expectations  (1 hour)

  • Participants better understand both the performance expectations within the Next Generation Science Standards and the essential support resources as they work with Performance Expectations.  

Three-Dimensional Learning  (45 minutes)

  • Participants pull all of their experiences from previous training sessions together to engage in conversations for deeper understanding of the Three-Dimensional Learning. 

EQuIP Rubric for Science (30 minutes)

  • Participants briefly review the EQuIP (Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products) Rubric for Science that Illinois educators are utilizing to evaluate materials for alignment.


In an NGSS Classroom  (2 hours)

  • Participants are able take part in a series of NGSS aligned lessons.  Using various methods and tools, these lessons are then dissected to verify alignment.   

How Do We Determine the Core Ideas Our Students Need to Learn?  (1.5 hours)

  • Participants utilize a method for examining the disciplinary core ideas to determine if the lesson meets the demands of the dimension.

How Do We Acquire and Utilize Phenomena in the Science Classroom?  (45 minutes)

  • Participants clarify the meaning and use of phenomena in an NGSS classroom. Then participants utilize a tool for employing phenomena throughout units of study.

How Do We Utilize the Crosscutting              Concepts?  (1 hour)

  • Participants work to clarify their understanding of the crosscutting concepts function in an NGSS classroom.  Then participants utilize a method for examining the crosscutting concepts to determine if the lesson meets the demands of the dimension.

How Do We Utilize the Science and Engineering Practices? (45 minutes)

  • Participants utilize a method for examining the science and engineering practices to determine if the lesson meets the demands of the dimension.

These materials were developed to be given in two one-day trainings.  However,                                             both trainings could be broken up and delivered over time in the order listed above.


Networking for Foundational Services - Science:

  • Participants will engage in discussion around shared experiences and expertise related to implementation of the NGSS. Each gathering is initiated for a deeper look into a topic included in the currently approved materials.
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