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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Teacher Evaluation

District teams will receive training on different growth models and implementing the student growth component, rules and regulations for Joint Committees, the legislative options for districts, and the three types of assessments available when making student growth calculations.  These modules were developed to be delivered in the order listed below and can be combined as needed.

Module 1:  Part 50 Rules and Regulations: (Half day session)

  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of Section 50.110 Student Growth Components of the Illinois Administrative Code Part 50.​

Module 2:  Working with Joint Committees:  (Half day session)

  • Participants will identify steps and critical questions for a Joint Committee to consider as school districts prepare for full PERA implementation.

Module 3:  Student Learning Objectives:  (Half day session)

  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of the SLO process based on training materials developed by the Illinois State Board of Education Assessment Division. This collection includes resources supporting the Student Learning Objective (SLO) process.

Module 4:  Measurement Models:  (Half or full day session)

  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of the measurement models (adaptive conditional status, gain based, and multi-variate) and supporting materials.

Module 5:  State Model: (Half day session)

  • Participants will explain the difference between the State Model and district-created model, articulate the requirements of the State Model and when a district needs to utilize different components, and determine which model is best for a district.

Module 6:  Summative Rating: (Half day session)

  • Participants will be explain how the performance evaluation rating is calculated in the State Model, use a matrix to calculate sample ratings, and determine a summative rating using weights that are not 50% growth.

Networking for FS Teacher Evaluation:

  • Participants will engage in discussion around shared experiences and expertise related to implementation of Teacher Evaluation. Each gathering is initiated for a deeper look into a topic included in the currently approved materials.

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