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Blueprints for Effective Team Meetings

The time, effort, and skill that you spend on planning a meeting can pay a huge return on your investment.  In this training, our skilled administrators and teacher leaders help you to dissect the components of meeting dynamics - process, relationships, and results, to have a better understanding of what is actually happening during your meetings.  We will then learn tools, skills, and strategies for getting the most out of your meeting.  This includes learning how to meet desired outcomes in less time, while bringing everyone in attendance on board.  With these skills in hand, we show you how to prepare, facilitate, and assess your meetings to take full advantage of the strategies learned.

The skills and strategies learned in this training are appropriate for leaders and team members in the education, business, and health care fields.

For more information, visit the Blueprints for Effective Team Meetings page or contact Alex Hildebrand or Chris McAfee at (815) 744-8334.


The M.I.C.E. Effect

Combining current research with their experience consulting with organizations on issues surrounding organizational climate and culture, Joyce Nelson and Patti Furlano have created a this training series.

The M.I.C.E. Effect revolves around four key strategies:

  • Make it positive.
  • Imagine the possibilities.
  • Champion the differences.
  • Empower others.

The concepts taught in this series can be used in any field and at any level.  It can be delivered as a one-day training or a series of trainings with followup and assessments.

For more information, visit The M.I.C.E. Effect page or contact Patti Furlano  at (815) 744-8334.


Bell to Bell: Engaging Every Student from Start to Finish!

Focus students' mental and physical energy on your curriculum from the beginning to the end of class. In this fast-paced, two-day workshop, learn a multitude of strategies to involve your students and improve their motivation and retention of your content. Participants will receive Research-Based Creative Teaching Strategies (RCTS), a manual filled with practical ideas and activities that you can easily use in your classroom immediately.

  • Strategies to move students into and out of groups efficiently and keep them on task.
  • Ways to use Openers and Closers to make every minute count.
  • Review activities to increase retention and success on tests.
  • Activities to energize your students and make class more engaging.


For more information, visit the Bell to Bell page or contact Mike Toncray at (815) 744-8334.


Designing Lessons That S.C.O.R.E.

Frustrated with students' apparent lack of motivation and responsibility, teaching the same way day after day and getting the same results, and difficulty getting small groups to work productively? In this highly interactive workshop, learn how to: improve students' ability to recall and retain your subject matter; create small buzz groups quickly and efficiently, and keep them on task; and harness the power of learning styles to help every student succeed. In this one-day workshop, you will learn a variety of strategies you can easily apply immediately in your classroom regardless of content or ability level. Participants will receive a 60-page manual, and a book of over 65 openers, closers, review techniques, and energizers to increase motivation and engagement.

The skills and strategies learned in this training are appropriate for leaders and team members in the education, business, and health care fields.

For more information, visit the Designing Lessons that S.C.O.R.E. page or contact Mike Toncray at (815) 744-8334.