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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Blueprints for Effective Meetings


Meeting Components:  Planning + Facilitating = Great Results

Oh, No! Not another meeting! Learn how to transform your meeting time from ordinary to extraordinary.  The modules included in this workshop will provide you with concepts, skills, and tools which will help you customize and maximize your planning efforts for facilitating effective meetings – and getting results.


Services that the PDA can offer at your site or ours:

  • Developing your skills, tools and strategies to use before, during, and after your meetings to maximize your efforts and attain desired outcomes.
  • Promoting decision-making, problem solving, and reaching agreements.
  • Coaching and follow-up support to enhance your meeting facilitation skills
  • Providing neutral facilitation services for your teams.
  • Customized support services to meet the needs of your organization

For more information on how the PDA can support your facilitation and effective meeting goals, please contact us at 815-744-8334: