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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Formative Assessment

Would you like to increase student achievement, confidence, and motivation for all of your students, especially low achievers?  Contact the skilled professionals at the Professional Development Alliance to learn how you can turn the classroom-level assessment process and its results into an instructional intervention designed to allow students to reach their highest potential as partners in their own learning.


Workshops and on-site services that the Professional Development Alliance can offer include:

  • Using Classroom Assessment to Promote Student Learning and Motivation
  • Aligning standards-based curriculum with classroom-level assessment
  • Instructional decision-making using classroom-level assessment data
  • Providing effective instructional feedback to students
  • Student self-assessment and goal setting
  • Keys to building quality classroom assessments
  • Standards-Aligned Classroom (SAC) Training and Coaching

Learn how the PDA can help you enhance your classroom-level assessments.  Contact us at (815) 744-8334 or online at:

• Jim Harvey   (