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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Online Monthly Educational Book Studies

July 2019: Shattering The Perfect Teacher Myth

PD Hours: 7Jill Sorensen-Davis

Join us in reading this impactful book. We will break the book up into quarters and come together to share our thoughts. 

Perfect teachers are like unicorns: a myth! 

The idyllic myth of the perfect teacher--the one who has it all together and breezes through the school year without fear or stress and whose well-behaved students always get straight As--sets the bar incredibly high for educators. The problem is that this myth also perpetuates unrealistic expectations that erode self-confidence and set teachers up for failure. 

Author and educator Aaron Hogan is on a mission to shatter the myth of the perfect teacher by equipping educators with strategies that help them THRIVE. You'll learn how to shift out of survival mode and how to thrive through... 

  • Teaching expectations to get everyone on the same page 
  • Hooking your students to increase engagement and community 
  • Rejecting isolation to create a powerful support system 

Please purchase your own copy of the book in advance.

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